Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cominica Beauty Blog: Cominicawaii Giveaway

Posted by Joanne Olaes at 10:00 PM

I can say that the theme of this giveaway is all about cuteness (kawaii is a Japanese word meaning cute). As you can see on the picture above, there are bows in pink color (kawaii ne?), fake eyelashes in different designs, lipsticks and bangles.

Giveaway Details:
  • For everyone's information, there are 13 items to be given away in this giveaway. Click HERE for more details about the items.
  • The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY (yey for international readers like me).
  • Entries are valid until May 7, 2012 (because this is the day that the giveaway will end).


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